The following are areas where we have noted excellent and innovative practice at CSEP accredited hospitals

  • Pharmacy pre-dispensing to reduce patient waiting time after clinic
  • Creating an AL amyloidosis MDT with input from renal, cardiology, gastrointestinal and haematology clinicians, supported by myeloma CNS team and the heart failure and renal nurses for subsequent patient treatment and care
  • Offering stem cell transplants at tertiary centre then moving patients to their local centre on day one post-transplant so they can recover in a more familiar setting

Below are links to articles healthcare professionals have shared with us about their service. If you want to find out more, or are interested in developing one of these areas at your hospital, please contact the CSEP team at

CSEP best practice: How mobile cancer services improve the quality of life of myeloma patients

The management of myeloma has changed significantly in recent years as more drugs for myeloma and its symptoms have become available through the NHS. These recent advances mean more patients receiving a wide variety of treatment from chemotherapy and immunotherapy to bisphosphonates. Furthermore, many of these treatments are given continuously further increasing the number of…

CSEP best practice: A close partnership between haematology and renal teams

Approximately 20% of newly diagnosed myeloma patients have significant renal impairment at the time of their diagnosis, and about 10% of these immediately require dialysis. The renal complications of myeloma are amongst the most important in terms of their potential to affect patients’ quality of life. This is particularly true for patients who need dialysis…

CSEP best practice: pharmacy-led clinics

Pharmacy teams are important members of the multi-disciplinary teams responsible for the treatment and care of myeloma patients but are not always part of clinics. Chesterfield Royal Hospital has found that integrating a pharmacist into their weekly myeloma clinics has led to improvements in the clinical service and patient satisfaction. Rebecca Clark, Principal Haematology-Oncology Pharmacist…