Myeloma UK Clinical Service Excellence Programme

The Clinical Service Excellence Programme (CSEP) is a best practice initiative which supports hospitals in delivering optimum, patient-focused myeloma treatment and care.

Your hospital can apply to CSEP accreditation to demonstrate you:

  • Deliver optimum treatment and care for myeloma patients
  • Offer an individualised treatment and care approach, as well as an understanding of the complexities of managing myeloma
  • Share knowledge between facilities and identify areas for improvement
  • Develop services in line with myeloma patients and their family‚Äôs needs

CSEP aims to recognise and share excellence in myeloma treatment and care, and identify any areas for improvement that better meet the needs of myeloma patients. CSEP also provides evidence to commissioners and managers of the quality of myeloma treatment and care provided.

See which hospitals have Myeloma UK CSEP accreditation.

If the hospital where you are receiving treatment is taking part in our Programme, you can complete the Patient Experience Survey as part of the accreditation.